NBCHU CUPE LOCAL 1252 Bargaining Newsletter - February 2020

pdf iconNBCHU CUPE LOCAL 1252 Bargaining Newsletter - February 2020 (PDF - 105 KB)

Sisters and Brothers:

Your bargaining committee has been meeting with the employer to ratify a tentative agreement since June 2019. During this period, we worked through most language proposals and moved forward to our monetary package exchange in January 2020.

Your bargaining committee met with the employer representatives on February 12th, 2020, at which time we responded verbally to the employer’s monetary package that was presented in January 2020.

Your bargaining committee made it very clear to the employer representatives that we would not be negotiating further. Health care workers in this province deserve more then a 0.25% wage increase every six months! This equates to 2% over a four-year period. The employer was prepared to give additional monies if the union would agree to concession bargaining. Concession bargaining is bargaining away existing benefits in your collective agreement. Your bargaining committee flat out refused to bargain any benefits away.

Our mandate is to improve the working conditions of our membership. Your bargaining committee respects the membership, but the monetary package the employer presented was a blatant insult and disrespectful to us. We’ve heard the membership and maintained your mandate.

Your bargaining committee has walked away from the table and applied for conciliation. This is the next step in our legal process.

Your bargaining committee strongly encourages you to attend your local meetings for further updates as we move forward.

In Solidarity

The NBCHU CUPE Local 1252 Bargaining Team