Response Letter from the President

This letter is in response to a letter posted on the NBNU website which was very upsetting to our LPN’s, PCA’s and Paramedics in Healthcare.

After reading the letter I reached out to the President of NBNU, Paula Doucette to question her on the intent of this letter; where was this coming from and why. I want to convey her exact words to you, “this letter was in no way meant to be a divide and concur letter, they respect all healthcare classifications, it takes everyone to make the system function.”

We have to remember all Unions have a mandate; to represent their membership, defend their classifications and defend their work. This is exactly what NBNU is doing. They are dealing with their own campaign, their own issues and pushing back against government announcements.

CUPE 1252 is in no way supporting the content of the letter or condone what has been written. Each and every LPN, PCA and Paramedic in Healthcare in New Brunswick provide valuable service to the patients you serve.

To openly state an LPN, PCA or Paramedic poses a risk to patient safety which result in poorer outcomes is a very disrespectful statement by another Healthcare professional leading to a poison work environment.

You are all professional and play a vital role in the delivery of Healthcare in New Brunswick. CUPE Local 1252 supports our Healthcare team 100% and understand the vital role you play to keep the system running.

In Solidarity

Norma Robinson,
President, NBCHU CUPE Local 1252