Message from the President

Now that I be had a minute to sit down and think about the day and this announcement, there is a few things I would like to say and a number of people I would like to thank.

Since 2012, NBCHU CUPE Local 1252 has been fighting against this file on several fronts.

I have been reading posts and comments thanking me for this outcome, however as President of CUPE 1252 I am not the sole reason this outcome has happened.   Am I part of it, absolutley, but without the membership having faith, trust, patience and being part of the campaign against Sodexo, the outcome may have been different.

I want to thank the membership for the vital role you've played in providing accurate information to the task force, which validates these services can remain public services and keep the privateers away.

I want to thank those members who were part of the task force for their countless hours of work on this file; this proves yet again, working collaboratively and stregetically can have positive outcomes.

I want to thank our coordinator Ralph McBride for his continuous support and guidance on this file; always striving for solidarity for the membership of our Union.

I must also thank our President of CUPE NB, Daniel Legere for having faith in me to sit on a Provincial Labour Relation Committee with GNB to push back outsourcing in Public Services which has lead to this announcment today.....

The key message I'm trying to say, is by working stretegically together we will prevail.....

SOLIDARITY Sisters and Brothers.....