St-Stephen OR to remain open: CUPE 1252 backs community activists

The New Brunswick Council of Hospital Unions (CUPE 1252) applauds the recent successful efforts of the Concerned Citizens of Charlotte County, a St-Stephen citizens group created to protect hospital services in the region.

news 08 05 2016

On August 1st, Premier Brian Gallant announced he would “push” Horizon Health Network to keep operating room facilities open at the Charlotte County Hospital. This announcement has been a direct result of strong community-based activism.

“Rural New Brunswick has already been hit hard by the last rounds of cuts. I think this government got the message: citizens will mobilize to fight to keep their right to public services,” said CUPE Local 1252 president Norma Robinson.

The Charlotte County community group has been exemplary in its collaboration with the Health Care Coalition and labour groups to mobilize local citizens and earn media coverage. More than 500 people attended a rally in late July against closing the surgical program in St. Stephen.

“St. Stephen citizens have proven that we are stronger together. People in Grand Falls, Perth Andover, Lamèque and elsewhere now have an example of successful community action to follow in their fight to keep their services,” said Robinson.

“Every citizen has the right to the same quality of healthcare services in this province,” said Robinson. “CUPE 1252 will stand shoulder to shoulder with coalition partners to make sure Gallant keeps his promise to keep the OR open,” she concluded.